How it works

  • Select the Gift Card you would like and add it to your basket.
  • Follow the secure payment steps to complete your order.
  • Earn 'Extras'
  • You will receive your Gift Card and confirmation of your points earned within 7 days of your order!

What are my 'Extras' worth?

Every 1,000 Extras earned is worth $6.50 to you! So when you’ve spent $2,000 and lets say the participating Retailers offer on average 5 Extras/$ on their Gift Cards, you will have earned as much as 10,000 Extras – or $65 to spend with any of our participating business – or redeem with the charity of your choice!

Every time you purchase a Gift Card from one of our fabulous selection of participating GiftCardextras stores, you automatically earn ‘Extras’ – which you can either redeem for another fabulous gift voucher or donate to the charity of your choice. So now you can save AND be rewarded at the same time!

At Giftcardextras we believe you should be able to select precisely what you want to redeem your points on – when you want to do so. (Gift Cards can be used in store or online).

The table below outlines the Extras redemption value that you can earn, as shown in your Account Balance:

Extras EarnedRedemption Value

Your gift card will be sent to your email address or to the friend’s email address as supplied.

We’ll be regularly adding new stores as they join our coalition – so happy shopping!

Jenny Brown

Customer Service Manager

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